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We are growers and
avocado exporters.


Provide sustainable and healthy products to a global population trough innovative technology with the highest global standards, focused on the production of the Mexican countryside and the dignity of its work.


Be the leading company in the market in organic agricultural products, always looking for sustainable innovation through the management of human talent.

In the medium term, Frutos Guadalajara will be the main organic avocado Mendez exporter to Canada, Asia and Europe with supply capacity throughout the year.

Our history

Frutos Guadalajara was constituted in 2017, being the result of a business vision which looks to export Mexican avocado to different parts of the world mainly serving the European, Canadian and Asian market.

It started on a 53-hectare farm in Xalisco, Nayarit, which was previously designated for planting cane, adapted to make way for the plantation of avocado of the vegetable variety Méndez and Hass.

On this farm tests and monitoring are constantly being carried out to improve their harvesting and cultivation techniques.

The fruits are crosses or grafts of different varieties that are carried out in the field, so they are not genetically modified products (GMO).

The company manages farms of different growers in the state of Jalisco (2,000 Ha) and Nayarit (3,000 Ha).

It is expected to install, under the Frutos Guadalajara brand, an avocado packaging center for local and international traders, with their fruit stockpiled from other growers.

In the near future, Frutos Guadalajara expects to have a secondary offer with value-added products, such as avocado paste and guacamole, oils for human and industrial consumption, IQF (frozen), and freeze-dried (dehydrated).

Frutos Guadalajara counts with technological advantages and the necessary know-how that allows increasing the efficiency of the operations, generating higher yields per hectare.

The use of cutting-edge biological assets offers diverse advantages: longer shelf life for the product, better nutritional content, and greater resistance to the environment.

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