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Inversión responsable en la agricultura y los sistemas alimentarios

As actors within the private sector, it is important to be aware of the opportunity we have to create a culture within the spaces that concern us, as well as our duty to interact and coordinate with all stakeholders within the production chain in which we participate, whether between private, social or public sector.

It’s easy to forget that we are part of a system where all of our actions end up having consequences that we may not immediately appreciate. Whatever our profession, what we do matters, and the bigger our goals, the more people we impact, so our responsibility grows, along with the commitment to do things right.

Agriculture is the sector with the highest employability in the world and is responsible for at least 99% of all food produced for human consumption.

Agriculture is the world's largest employing economic sector and the main source of food and income for many people living in poverty. Therefore, investing in agriculture is not only one of the most effective strategies to improve food security and promote sustainability, but it is also essential for the economic development of many countries”.

Despite the percentage of employability that the agribusiness sector has worldwide, there is still a long way to go in terms of Human Rights, professionalization of the sector, and sustainable practices. Our impact as a guild on the development of humanity is immeasurable, so how capital investments are executed and the culture that is promoted within them is loaded with responsibility and influence for millions of families that depend on this sector.

Agriculture and food systems encompass the full range of activities related to the production, processing, marketing, retailing, consumption, and disposal of agricultural by-products; including food products and other types such as livestock, grazing, fishing, and forestry.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) approved a series of Principles intending to promote responsible investments in agriculture and food systems worldwide that contribute to food security and nutrition.

“Responsible investment makes a significant contribution to improving sustainable livelihoods, especially for smallholders and members of marginalized and vulnerable groups, by creating decent jobs for all people working in agriculture and farming. Food, the eradication of poverty, the promotion of social and gender equality, the elimination of the worst forms of child labor, the promotion of participation and social inclusion, the increase in economic growth and, therefore, the achievement of sustainable development".

As we mentioned before, those who are involved in the agribusiness value chain have the opportunity to impact the base sector of economic and social development, especially in developing countries. The ten Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems indicate only what is essential in labor, social, economic, and environmental matters that we must implement as actors in the sector.


About 70% of the world’s food needs are met by small producers, so each action as a «small» or large actor matter, serves as an example, and transcends for generations. 

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