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What does it mean to be part of the agriculture sector?

For those developing their professional skills in agriculture, January means a planning period. In the reflections and conclusions we have within our strategic sessions, we must remember the importance of the sector in which we operate. Agriculture represents the economic base of most developing countries, and since its initiation, it has put the quality of life standards that we will have as humanity before.

For more than 12,000 years, agriculture has defined the conditions of human life. The opportunity that this discipline gave us, going from nomads to sedentary, completely changed the perspective of what we know as everyday life, opening a new chapter for the development of our history.

Now, the problem of feeding the world population is not due to food shortages but over-production and excessive waste. According to an estimate by the FAO, each year third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, for a 1.2 trillion dollar value. On the other hand, almost 14% of the world’s food is lost from post-harvest to retail. Additionally, the share of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by food produced but never consumed is estimated at 8% and continues to grow.

Global food waste per year is equivalent to four hundred times the value of Mexican avocado exports, an industry that in 2021 value of its exports is estimated at around US $2.99MM, representing approximately a 37.86% share within the global market.

The billions of dollars lost within the value chain

Enough food is produced worldwide to feed the entire population, yet nearly a billion people suffer from chronic hunger. This problem has different origins depending on the geographical area to which we refer; however, huge amounts of food are wasted within the value chain. According to an estimate by the FAO, a third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted each year, worth 1.2 trillion dollars.

In 2023, the geographical conditions of a large part of the developing countries continue to consecrate us to make the sector grow. Although it is the primary discipline of our development as a civilization, today, we find ourselves solving how to guarantee food security for future generations, avoid waste, increase efficiency in our supply chain and be resilient in the face of climate change. To find an answer to these questions, we must be aware that agriculture is a matter of inheritance; for better or for worse, someone will start from the processes and culture that we believe in today.

Remember that we are the sector with the highest employability in the world, responsible for at least 99% of the production of all food for human consumption.

Going back to the question in the title, what does it mean to be part of the agriculture sector? History has shown us that dedicating ourselves to agriculture establishes the quality of life standards that we will have as a species, the limits of mobility and development. In this sector, we see the present and how to ensure a dignified future. We are the beginning and the end of every chain. We are the economic base and one of the most prominent actors in climate change, so if you are also doing your annual planning, remember that the decisions you make today will affect the feeding of future generations.

The Next Step In Agriculture: digitization

Agriculture is currently facing numerous challenges that call into question of judgment the sustainability of all activities involved, so innovation within the sector, rather than being an option, is necessary.

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El siguiente paso de la agricultura: digitalización

La digitalización se ha involucrado, indudablemente, en todas las esferas de nuestra vida y la agricultura no es la excepción. Si bien, podemos tener muchos cuestionamientos respecto a los rápidos avances digitales de estos últimos años, es innegable que en términos de eficiencia no hay otro camino que podamos seguir más que transitar hacia una transformación digital.

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La transformación agroalimentaria de Frutos Guadalajara

El ser disruptivo dentro de uno de los sectores de mayor tradición a través de la historia de la humanidad no es una tarea fácil, requiere de compromiso y constancia, puesto que lo socialmente establecido ha estado arraigado por generaciones. Los puntos que he compartido en este artículo son una mezcla que nos ha ayudado a construir una nueva normalidad y da pie al nuevo modus operandi que dejamos como herencia a este sector.

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2023 the year of the Mexican avocado

Despite Mexico’s leadership in producing and exporting avocados, the challenges in production continued due to the international context, especially in political and economic terms, causing the increase in the cost of inputs, logistics fees, and currency exchange

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2023 El Año del Aguacate Mexicano

Los comienzos de 2023 parecen favorecer a las exportaciones mexicanas dentro del mercado europeo del aguacate. De los principales exportadores del fruto en 2022: Chile, España e Israel, se encuentran con poca disponibilidad de fruto, mientras que Perú, África del Sur y Kenya se preparan para cosechar en los próximos meses. El escenario se ha invertido, pasamos de tener una sobre oferta en diciembre pasado a tener escasez.

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